About GLO™ Recycling

GLO™ is a salon industry recycling service that gives your salon waste a Second Life® for hard-to-recycle items such as hair, foils, gloves, bottles, and more. Our mission is to reduce the massive amount of waste generated daily by the salon industry via an easy-to-use certified recycling service. For more information, please watch our explainer video.

GLO™ stands for Green Life Organization™.

We officially launched in early January 2020! Visit our homepage to learn more or click here to create an account and get started on keeping your salon waste out of the landfill.

Getting Started

We currently offer GLO™ recycling services to the hair and beauty salon and spa industries to help reduce their in-store waste. If that sounds like you, click here to create a GLO™ account and get started on creating your own customized salon recycling program!

No. Signing up for GLO™ services is completely free, with no initial fees or setup charges. You simply pay the monthly subscription fee based on what services you choose.

It’s easy–we promise! Just visit our home page or click here to get started and create your account. It’s totally free to create an account and add your salon location(s), with no obligation or credit card required until you’re ready to set up your customized recycling program.

While the GLO™ website is mobile-friendly, the GLO™ account portal is not currently optimized for mobile devices.

This means that if you’re using a phone or tablet, you’ll need to switch to a laptop or desktop computer to create and use your account.

GLO™ Gives Back

GLO™ pledges 1% of every sale to environmentally-focused nonprofit organizations. By creating an account with GLO™, you’re automatically helping save the planet through our giveback program!

How Salon Recycling Works

There are multiple advantages to becoming a GLO™ salon. Let’s count the ways:

  • Help Our Planet. First, you’ll finally be able to recycle previously non-renewable items!
  • Enjoy No-Fees or Contracts. The GLO™ experience promises no contracts, additional fees, or hidden charges.
  • Sign Up Painlessly. When you sign up for a GLO™ recycling account, we make it easy through our automated system to select what you want to recycle through your customer dashboard. Click here to create an account get started!
  • Pay Your Way. You also get to choose how to pay for our services, whether through direct payment, implementing a line item charge like a “Green Salon Fee,” or slightly raising your service prices to cover the cost of the program.

We built GLO™ from the ground up to be the easiest salon recycling program ever by helping salons and spas recycle waste through the mail. Once you have an active account with services selected (click here to sign up!), we’ll mail you flattened collection containers for you to easily set up and fill. When full, simply tie the included liner bag inside, seal the box, and mail it back to us via the pre-paid UPS shipping label–no phone calls or shipping pre-approvals needed. GLO™ Salons are on a subscription plan, so new containers will ship every month to automatically refill your supply. Did we mention we make it easy? To learn more, check out our handy GLO™ Guide to Salon Recycling.

Absolutely! We understand that salon needs can change every month, so you will be able to easily adjust the level of services needed on your customer dashboard. We made GLO™ a subscription-based service so you can “set it and forget it,” knowing that a certain number of containers will be delivered to your salon every month.

Yes! How cool is that? Through your GLO™ customer dashboard, you’ll be able to view the total weight of the items recycled by category. Through our simple social share features, we also make it easy for you to share your recycling achievements!

Every category of salon waste has been thoroughly researched by GLO™ to determine its Second Life. When GLO™ containers arrive at our facility, our team receives and sorts them. For example, recycled hair can be donated to a local farm to help grow their crops through composting, and gloves will become waste-to-energy that helps generate steam to power the City of Indianapolis!

Both! GLO™ was built to serve everyone from small, single-location salons all the way up to large franchises with multiple locations. We make it painless to manage different salons through one account, where you can assign Salon Managers as well as split up payment information by location. You can also easily adjust subscriptions on the fly as needed for each salon or spa location.

Yes! Thanks to the customer dashboard, our service selection is totally customizable. You can choose exactly which recycling services you’d like to use for your salon and you can also adjust the quantity and delivery date every month.

GLO™ currently offers four different services: Hair Box, Mixed Box, Aerosols Box, and Flammable Bucket.

  • The GLO™ Hair Box allows you to recycle human hair (no synthetic extensions, please).
  • The GLO™ Mixed Box will accept metal (bobby pins, hair clips), plastic (plastic bags, mixing bowls, brushes, combs, clips), electronics (hair dryer, flat iron, curling iron), Styrofoam, cardboard, used foils, used gloves, empty color tubes/bottles, shampoo and conditioner bottles, and body spray bottles, hair powder, wax strips, eyelash extensions, micro swabs, and mascara wands.
  • The GLO™ Aerosols Box will accept beauty items that have aerosol nozzles – not manual pumps.
  • The GLO™ Beauty Bucket will accept empty containers of fragrances, nail polish, nail polish remover, and hand sanitizer.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept excess color waste or free flowing liquids at this time. There are environmental regulations governing chemical product disposal that we must abide by, and since it would likely be scooped into the GLO™ container outside of its original packaging we would not be able to determine what the material is when it comes to us. We cannot guarantee compatibility with other materials, and cannot guarantee an outlet for the material without knowing what it is.


Due to state regulations, we are unable to offer select GLO™ services in certain states. When you sign up to become a GLO™ Salon, you’ll be notified of which salon recycling services are offered in your state at that time. Unfortunately, due to shipping costs, we are unable to offer GLO™ services in Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

Currently, GLO™ services are only available in the United States, but we look forward to expanding our services across the border! Stay tuned for GLO™ updates by signing up for our email list on our homepage.

Service Pricing

The average cost for a salon of 300 customers/month is $300-375/month, depending on the services selected. Check out or GLO™ Recycling Services Details page for more information.

GLO™ allows you, the salon owner, to choose how to pay for our monthly services. You can choose to control how your dollars are spent by paying outright because being an environmentalist is a huge priority for you. You can also implement a small per-service price increase to cover all or part of the cost. Finally, you can add a “Green Salon Fee” or “Sustainability Fee” line item to every receipt, which shows your clients you care about the planet. GLO™ gives you the freedom to choose how you go green!

To request a bulk pricing discount for multiple salon locations, please email hello@glorecycling.com.

Sustainability Guarantee

We guarantee that 100% of all acceptable items sent to GLO™ will be diverted from the landfill and given a Second Life. This means that these items will be recycled, repurposed, reused, or used to generate energy. Your GLO™ customer dashboard has a Certificate of Recycling to download — verification from our facility that no items went to the landfill!

Through the UPS Carbon Offset Program, GLO™ purchases credits that support projects that offset the emissions caused by the shipment’s transport. You can learn more about the program here.

A Certificate of Recycling is exclusive to GLO™.  It’s our guarantee that none of your salon waste items sent for recycling were sent to the landfill, but instead will be given a Second Life. After at least one container is processed at our facility, you can generate a printable Certificate of Recycling in your customer dashboard–a great way to show your clients and community that you care about the environment!


Still have questions? 

Our GLO™ team is standing by to help your salon go green! Reach out to us by email at  hello@glorecycling.com.