Wondering how to recycle salon waste?

Salons generate a lot of different types of waste, from hair to foils to aerosol cans to flammable liquids. But what exactly can you recycle? And what programs pick up these items from salons?

GLO™ has created the easiest salon recycling program ever to keep 100% of all waste that salons send to us out of landfills by giving it a Second Life®.

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This guide gives the scoop on the benefits of GLO™ recycling, such as:

  • How GLO™ Recycling Helps Salons Keep Waste Out of Landfills

  • The Types of Salon Waste You Can Recycle with GLO™

  • How to Cover the Cost of Salon Recycling

  • How GLO™ Can Help Your Salon Go Green

Beautifully Sustainable: Six Steps to a Greener Salon

The interest in eco-friendly products and services is taking the world of beauty by storm, leading manufacturers, retailers and beauty professionals to focus their efforts on clean and sustainable processes. Between beauty packaging, unused or excess product, foils, color tubes, hair, and more, salons in the US and Canada produce over 400,000 pounds of waste…

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Exploring “Zero Waste”: What Hair Salons Should Know

Globally, we generate an enormous amount of trash: at least ​3.5 million tons of plastic and other solid waste each day​ (ten times the amount we did a century ago). Unfortunately, the U.S. leads the pack, producing ​250 million tons of trash per year​ or 4.4 pounds per person each day. Sadly, the waste we…

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Hair Recycling for Salons: Everything You Need to Know

Every month, the salon industry churns out thousands of pounds of waste that ends up in landfills. Much of that waste is human hair — a surprisingly versatile material that, when recycled, can be transformed into useful products for a wide range of industries.  At GLO™, we’ve made hair recycling easy. Our process is simple,…

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How This Salon Went Green by Recycling with GLO™

A salon owner’s story about how she made her business more sustainable by recycling salon waste. The logo for Salon C in Crystal Lake, Illinois, is a fresh vibrant green. But that’s not the only thing that’s green about the salon — the business is also committed to the environment by reducing waste through an…

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